The Big Reveal

The ‘big reveal’ and other elements of surprise have long been revered design techniques. I have always loved designing stationery that looks white and typical from the exterior, but once opened delivers a big punch of color to the viewer. While these techniques are often used by print, web, and animation designers, there is less opportunity to create “reveals” within the world of footwear. However, the clever designers over at Nike have created a shoe that does just that. The Nike Air Force 1 Low “Tear Away Pack”—which debuted in April of 2020—begins its journey as a typical white sneaker. As you wear them, the thin outer fabric tears away to reveal brightly colored fabrics beneath. There are several color scheme variations, so the reveal of your color palette truly has the element of surprise. As a designer, I love the concept of ever-evolving shoes. And from a fashion perspective, they appear just as fresh and fun. This is one of 2020’s surprises that I think we can all get behind!

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