Pandemic Pastimes

2020 sure has been stressful, and, like most people, I’ve sought out pastimes to serve as a distraction from the day-to-day mayhem. Some of my chosen pastimes have been typical — like running, biking, and gardening. Gardening has always been one of my favorite distractions, however this year, getting dirt under my nails and watching colorful blooms emerge was just not enough to quell my anxiety.

In an effort to burn off a little more steam, I began riding my bike 4.3 miles to Taylor Design every day. As I rode back and forth, I noticed a lot of road debris: car parts, truck parts, construction material, housewares, hardware, and plenty of unidentifiable objects. I began picking up anything that was metal, which created a diverse collection of scrap. For the most part, my collection is comprised of useless trash with the exception of the car and truck parts. These pieces of scrap seemed vital and I continue to wonder how any vehicle could properly (or safely) drive on without noticing that a critical piece was missing. One of my most recent finds was a drive shaft (no joke). As my collection grew, it seemed only natural for me to start to document my scrap finds. Please take a look at “Pandemic Pastimes Parts 1–4.” And if you are hoping to see the driveshaft, it will be included in an upcoming arrangement “Pandemic Pastime Part 5.”

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By Nora

New Business Development / HR Director