Google Reimagines Its G Suite Apps

Since our team has been working remotely for the past six months, our company’s reliance on the Google family of products has become even more pronounced. I use Google Meet for video conferences with clients and team members at least five times a day. We place large files on Google Drive for distribution to partners. We place client marketing campaigns on the Google Ad Network. We review our clients’ website metrics on Google Analytics. Google Mail is the platform for our company’s email. We create interactive project timelines on Google Sheets. And, of course, I use Google search constantly.

While the products are amazing, the branding of the apps never quite measured up. Until now. In October, the name G Suite was retired and replaced with Google Workspace. New icons were created for all of Google’s Workspace apps, each formed by the four Google brand colors. Instead of an awkward M in the shape of an envelope, a multicolor M serves as Google Mail’s new icon. Google Meet dropped the unnecessary dialog box from its symbol. And the Google calendar icon eliminated its 3D effect.

There is some criticism that the Google Workspace icons look too similar, since most use the four brand colors. Point taken. But the designers have done a fine job of unifying the visual language of the apps in its suite and it is a significant upgrade to the distinctive Google brand.

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By Dan

President / Creative Director