Nicely Packaged

Amazon is by no means a leader in the design world. The website has always been — aesthetically speaking — dated, boring, bare-bones, and ugly. I suppose the nicest word for this design aesthetic would be ‘utilitarian.’ Even the current app icon (left) looks like it was designed in a bygone era. For a company that can afford to buy entire countries, it is a bit disappointing.

This is why the rolling out of its newest app is so refreshing! The shopping cart (wholly unnecessary as an identifying icon for some time now) is gone, in place of what is in every Amazon addict’s mind when conjuring the company — a brown package with blue tape and the trademark smile across it. Amazon has also long reached the status where its written name isn’t necessary to identify the logo (think Apple, Nike, McDonald’s, Twitter), so the new app icon includes only the necessary iconography and graphic elements. It is a design I’m happily surprised to say I like.

Now if only the website’s design would get a second look, too.

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