2021 Beer Packaging Trends

As an avid beer drinker and artist, I’m not ashamed to admit that on more than one occasion I have made my brew selections solely based on the label art. In general, liquor and beer label designs are afforded a creative license that not many other products enjoy. They can be artsy and edgy, or simple and clean. Styles run the gamut, but fads and trends do tend to emerge. While it’s still early in the year, below is a list of three design trends I’ve noticed while perusing the beer aisle:

1) Quirky Comic Characters

Odd and eye-catching comic-style artwork with shocking and humorous illustrations can give brands a youthful, fun look that stands out and tells a unique story about the beer and the brewery. I personally love this style, and give bonus points when the artwork seamlessly ties into the flavor or brewery its advertising so I know what I’m drinking.

2) Vintage Ink Illustrations

Antique-style ink drawings are making their way onto beer bottles. While this style is traditionally popular with high-end wines and spirits, these precise black and white drawings work well with breweries that want to have an upscale, nostalgic look. Being an ink artist, I can’t get enough of this particular style and hope to see more.

3) Modern Abstract Art

In stark contrast to the vintage look mentioned above, colorful abstract graphics are rising in popularity. It’s hard to miss these bold designs often featuring geometric patterns, bright colors, gradients, and textures. These designs can range from modern and edgy to soft and psychedelic.

So next time you’re at the grocery store, give the beer aisle a glance and see if you notice some of these trends too. Cheers!

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