Knitters Will Knit

There is little doubt that this pandemic has affected all of us in some way, shape, or form. Many of us have been profoundly affected by various types of insecurities and loss. Isolation has exacerbated our reliance on the Internet for entertainment and made “doomscrolling” a popular new pastime. Fortunately, in contrast, many of us have turned to creative pursuits to help us cope with a full year of isolation. Cultivating our collective creative side has been a positive outcome with proven psychological merits. Hopefully channeling our pent-up energy and enriching our existence by accomplishing something creative will not end with this pandemic. Perhaps our need for creative expression will become habit-forming and all of us will become happier people.

Post pandemic, I plan to continue riding my bike in search of roadside scrap metal to create my “Pandemic Pastime” assemblages. I am sure that my sister will continue to experiment with her baking and find creative uses (some delicious and some not so much) for her sourdough starter. My hope is that knitters will knit, crocheters will crochet, painters will paint, and so on for the foreseeable future. Why? Because we need it and it makes us feel good.

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By Nora

New Business Development / HR Director