Underground at Ink Block

Underground at Ink Block is a beautiful transformation of an eight-acre underpass located under I-93 between Boston’s South End and South Boston neighborhoods. The area has been transformed into an active urban park, cultural attraction, parking amenity, pedestrian boardwalks, and bicycle paths. At present, it displays 18 murals, nine of which were added last summer.

The Underground opened in 2017 after five years of planning. It adds to the transformation of this area known as Ink Block, a seven-building, mixed-use community that has revitalized the New York-named streets section of the South End. It was created to make new connections between communities that were previously separated by highway infrastructure. This urban park is a cultural attraction since it is a space unlike anything seen before in this region. Along with the Underground at Ink Block, you can find curated retail, fitness, and food and beverage experiences.

The park has won several awards, including recognition from Communication Arts magazine for its branding, Walk Boston for its contribution to urban connections, walkability, and safety, the American Institute of Architects for its design, and Urban Land Institute for its innovative contribution to the city of Boston.

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