Rockin’ 1000

Over this past year during Covid, I have really enjoyed many late nights of watching YouTube music videos. A special shout out to my son-in-law for introducing us to a large variety of musical treats and for keeping our family room hopping!

There is one selection that he introduced us to that I really think everyone needs to take a look at, at least once in their lifetime. Once you watch, I bet you will be back for more! At the time, the world as we all once knew it was falling apart and everyone was sheltering at home, this particular piece really shows you how the world could come together in the years prior to 2020. Rockin 1,000 totally brings you joy every time you watch one of their sets.

In 2015 marine biologist, Fabio Zaffagnini started to “think outside of the box” since he was frustrated by always having his small town passed over by bands in favor of larger venues in larger cities. He decided to plan an elaborate experiment to lure his favorite band – Foo Fighters—to his hometown, Cesena, Italy. He gathered together 1,000 musicians from across Italy to simultaneously play one of the band’s most popular songs. Zaffagini and his crew recorded the piece and released it on YouTube hoping to catch the band’s attention. Oh boy did he succeed! His experiment crushed his expectations and sent waves of joy around the globe. Rockin 1,000 was born and has been going strong ever since. Watch one video and you will be searching for more! So very powerful.

And by the way, Foo Fighters came through! They gave a unique live show in Cesena: a three-hour concert dedicated to the thousand, all the donors, and the volunteers involved in the very first performance.

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