This year, we introduced “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Taylor Design where we invite various professionals every few weeks to give our team a presentation on their talents so we can learn a thing or two. Our last one featured yours truly, and my dev partner in crime, Chris Yerkes. Chris covered everything you need to know about the next generation of WordPress including Headless and I did a little show and tell of how our styling workflow has changed over the years thanks to the wonderful world of SASS. 

I decided to let my creative juices flow and build out Cindy’s fabulous “Lunch and Learn” logo in HTML and CSS and sprinkle in a little animation too! It’s nice to occasionally build some fun things and take a break from the day-to-day website building. Check out how I built-a-burger below! 

Hope you enjoy!

See the Pen Build-a-Burger by Hannah (@hannahmwool) on CodePen.

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