Is the World Becoming Flat?

From BMW to Burger King, many of our favorite brands have switched to a simplified, flat logo at some point in their recent history. For about a decade now, logos have been following the flat trend with more brands adopting that style as they transition away from being highly decorative to the simplest elements they contain.

So why has the world gone flat?

1. Flat is Modern

Since the change of Apple’s design style in iOS7 from realism to minimalism, many brands have followed suit. The Swiss style of clean neutrality (think of the typeface Helvetica), has made a major comeback and many brands have embraced it.

2. Flat is Memorable

Flat logos are uncluttered and simple to understand. Take away dimensional depth, highlights, shadows, texture, and intricate details, and you’re left with a simpler shape (think Nike swoosh) that’s recognizable in a split second and is ultimately memorable. A move toward minimalist logos shows how little time we have for “fluff” these days.

3. Flat is Flexible

Simplicity also means that flat design logos are highly versatile. In a digital world where most businesses have moved online, this flexibility is a huge benefit. Flat logos are easy to scale in size and are highly legible and crisp on small mobile screens. These things are important when a logo needs to function on an app, a website, a digital ad campaign, or as a tiny social media icon. And outside of the digital world, using the logo in printed materials is much more cost-effective due to fewer colors being needed in the printing process.

So with all these benefits of going flat, will the trend towards simplicity prevail? Or will this trend die like many others, and move towards something completely new? Perhaps a full circle to complexity again?

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