Some of the “Best,” Worst Volume Control UI Concepts

We often take common user interface elements for granted. They are so ubiquitous that they just blend into the background. When was the last time you actually had to think about what button you had to press on a youtube video to make it play? Or what button do you need to press on a browser window to make it close? Some developer and designer Redditors created threads dedicated to coming up with ways to reinvent one of the most basic UI elements in existence, the humble volume slider. The object of the thread authors wasn’t to try to improve the volume control. It was to try to make it as unusable as possible. The results were hilarious. Here are some of my favorites.

Launch a 90dB volume slider over 300 metres GIF
Pump Up the Volume
Volume Crank
Computer vision
Candy Crush Style
For mathematicians

Source: The Worst Volume Control UI in the World

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By Chris

Senior Front-end Developer