The Museum that Emerged from Covid

Now that we’ve entered the latter half of 2021, public spaces have been reopening as people are slowly transitioning back to how life was pre-covid. However, not too long ago during the height of the covid crisis, many businesses weren’t opened and non-essential places were forced to close. One museum in particular actually came into existence because of the pandemic. The Covid Art Museum was the idea of three friends in Barcelona with backgrounds in advertising. The goal was to create an online space to showcase all of the work being made at home during the pandemic. Any sort of relevant art can be submitted through their site, and posted art can be viewed on the website or on their instagram page. The type of work showcased varies from satirical comics, parodies using fine art, photography, and sculptures. It is almost unnerving to scroll through the feed and see that this is the shared experience of most people living through the pandemic right now. Undeniably that once the world can truly move on from the pandemic, everyone was affected by it in some way shape, or form, and the emotions and commentary around this global pandemic will forever have a space for people to view and return to.

The Covid Art Museum: The world’s 1st museum for art born during Covid19 quarantine

By Lex Pott

Litter in the Time of Coronavirus by janisselbyjones

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By Iris