Blooming Watercolors

Japanese watercolorist Hiroki Takeda specializes in joyful “blooming” paintings featuring stylized living creatures such as cats, dogs, insects, and sea life. Takeda captures their gestural essence and then finalizes the body with botanical-themed images. Delicate leaves, branches, flowers, and buds fill the body of his subjects. The artist’s inspiration originates from his mother’s love of plants hence, his use of botanical imagery. Flowers sprout from the head or back of a dog or pig. A cat’s paw might be filled with soft branches or leaves. Occasionally Takeda will complete his whimsical watercolors by including a fluttering butterfly. His paintings are unique, vibrant, and extraordinarily cheerful. Hiroki Takeda has developed a unique style of watercolor painting with a beautiful fusion of florals and creatures. His collection can be viewed on Instagram.

Taylor Design Blog

By Mary Ellen

Finance Director