The Endurance has Endured

Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust

Last October I wrote a TD blog post about photographer Frank Hurley’s images from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition from 1914-1917. Frank Hurley was hired by Shackleton to document his Antarctic expedition on the Endurance. The story of the Endurance and its crew is harrowing and is one of the greatest survival stories of all time. After becoming trapped in ice, the Endurance was slowly crushed by ice pack and sank in the icy cold waters of the Weddell Sea, leaving the captain, crew, and photographer stranded on ice. Miraculously, the entire team endured the elements and survived along with a collection of Hurley’s images taken during the expedition. Fast forward 106 years, a team of marine archaeologists and adventurers searched and located the Endurance in nearly 10,000 feet of water. Their ship, aptly named Endurance22, was equipped with undersea drones and a technical search team who discovered the wreck after 2 weeks of searching a 150-square-mile area. The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust has provided the world with a glimpse of the Endurance as it sits on the bottom of the sea. The ship, considered a historical monument, is in nearly pristine condition and will remain as it sits untouched. A documentary is planned and I, for one, can’t wait to learn all about this historic discovery. For now, you can read all about the fascinating discovery of the Endurance, view some drone video footage, and familiarize yourself with a brief history on Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team’s survival here.

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