Sam the Big Gulp

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Artist Sam Keller (aka the Big Gulp) grew up in Brooklyn, NY. As a child he was drawn to the environment surrounding him and he would find and collect objects from the streets of New York. In Keller’s teenage years, his bedroom walls were decorated with advertisements collected from NY subway cars. His interest went so far as to bring home a toppled parking meter to add to his collection. Keller attended Rhode Island School of Design where he focused on drawing “found objects,” food and items with what he called, “cultural significance.” Most of the items Keller included in his work are common, such as a bag of Cheetos from which he created a “Cheetosphere” sculpture.

Currently, Keller has been collecting discarded, smashed beverage cans and decorating them with colorful sparkling Swarovski crystals. These pieces are truly unusual, beautifully precious, and humorous. Humor is a large part of this artist’s message. When Keller was asked about his work, he said “I don’t want to sound corny, but laughter is the best medicine, especially if the world is going to shit and there’s nothing we can do about it.” So true and the public seems to agree with this sentiment because his pieces sell out as quickly as they are completed. Keller’s interest sounds a lot like our very own, @scrappynora (see Taylor Design blog post from November 2020). Both of them share an obsession with collecting mundane objects and trash from the street and creating art. Keller describes his own creative process like a spontaneous quest, “chasing an indescribable vision in my mind and I’ll only know it when I get there.”

His work is really eye-popping, check it out here (@sam_big_gulp).

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By Mary Ellen

Finance Director