Sticks and Stones

Credit: Jon Foreman @sculpttheworld

Jon Foreman is a Wales-based artist who creates organic arrangements of land art made from stones, broken glass, driftwood, ashes, leaves, seashells, and debris. His densely arranged pieces are found sweeping across the sand on the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales where he currently lives. His exquisite constructions can also be found inland, where he meticulously arranges sticks and leaves on the forest floor. Every arrangement, regardless of location, is precise and perfectly placed in a circular formation. This style was born out of Foreman’s love of nature and has evolved since college. The scale of his work varies, some pieces may be minimal while others may be monumental – up to 50 meters across. The larger pieces require a preliminary drawing sketched in the sand. Since his art is produced and displayed outdoors, Foreman’s land art is eventually washed or blown away by natural forces. For Jon, like for many artists, it is not just the finished product which fuels his creative voice, creating his art is therapeutic and provides an escape from everyday stress. His creations are absolutely beautiful and it is a shame that they are temporary. Jon Foreman has a handle to follow on Instagram @sculpttheworld, I suggest that you check him out or follow him as I do.

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By Mary Ellen

Finance Director