Denmark’s Abstract Sky Paintings

Danish photographer Søren Solkær spent most of his 25-year professional career photographing famous musicians and actors. But recently he returned to the land of his youth to photograph the large starling murmurations that take place on Denmark’s  Wadden Sea—the world’s largest system of intertidal sand and mud flats. Known locally as “sort sol,” the spring and fall skies come to life with flocks of birds forming huge, swirling, animated organic shapes. Scientifically speaking, the movement is similar to that of schools of fish, what’s considered scale-free behavioral correlation, which means that a change in the state of a single bird can affect, and be affected by, every other bird in the flock. Whatever the technical behavioral explanation, the visual results are otherworldy..

New York Times
Photographs and Text by Søren Solkær
Gazing at the ‘Black Sun’: The Transfixing Beauty of Starling Murmurations

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