A Perfect Pairing: Art and Wine

On a recent family trip to Napa Valley wine country, one of our stops was Hall Winery. Hall Winery is known for delicious wines and it’s only the lucky visitors who can experience the wine tasting in the winery’s unique architecture amidst their art collection. We were among the lucky ones. Upon entering the main hall, we faced a large stark cement wall on which hung a large circular bedazzled piece of quilted art. “Garden Plot” by Nick Cave covered the majority of the wall and was just as the winery’s curator describes it – beautiful “eye candy.” Garden Plot, is a large-scale quilted medallion constructed with recycled fabric remnants, sequins, and discarded materials. It is magic to the eyes as the textures and vibrant colors sparkle and react to the light. The artist Nick Cave was raised in Missouri in the company of many siblings and was of modest means. As a child, he would routinely repair hand-me-down clothing. It was there that he honed his skills of manipulating fabric. As he became more and more expressive with textiles, he gained interest in assemblages and found objects which found their way into his work. Cave was trained as both a visual artist and as a dancer and it is also through these disciplines where he found inspiration. His work is in numerous art collections and housed at well known museums. His work comprises sculpture, installation, performance, and video. However, he is best known for his Soundsuits, which are carefully created by using similar materials. He is a graduate of Kansas City Art Institute where he studied fiber arts and he currently directs the fashion graduate program at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. If interested, you can view many of his creations on his Instagram @nickcaveart.

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By Mary Ellen

Finance Director