Hannah F is the little known fifth member of U2.

Senior Art Director

Hannah still loves Boston (where she’s from) better than any other US city, but since moving to southern CT (and joining Taylor in 1999), she’s become a Yankees fan. She also loves the ocean and art museums, U2 and Depeche Mode, geography and J.K. Rowling. Her versatility and experience has lead to award-winning work for brands like Sarah Lawrence College, Charter Communications, Drew University and ITT.

Before Taylor: Art director at Hess Design in Massachusetts and Graphic Solutions in New York City for brands such as Brandeis University, Hertz, IBM, Sony and Minolta. She is a graduate of Syracuse University with a BFA in Communications Design.

Recommended digital field trips: FastCo. Design, Pinterest, Instagram, Scary Mommy

Favorite IRL field trips: 1. Iceland 2. Alaska 3. France 4. Denmark 5. Cayman Islands

Taylor Design Blog


“Art is All in the Details”

From contemporary artist Christian Marclay, that quote can definitely be applied to 19th-century British painter and suffragist, Anna Alma-Tadema. I just discovered her thanks to a “Painting-A-Day” post in my Newsfeed on Facebook. Her body of work is relatively small, but her incredible realism and attention to detail are huge. Anna Alma-Tadema was the daughter… Read More


Beautiful Decay

I have a fascination with abandoned places. I find them beautiful, and the tales of their glory and demise are fascinating and intriguing. While I have yet to see many of them first-hand, luckily there are plenty of intrepid travelers, photographers, and journalists to capture them for me to preview from home. At the top… Read More


Move Over, Mercator!

Ah, the Mercator Projection map. It was first introduced by the Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. It became the standard map projection for navigation because it was unique in representing north as up and south as down everywhere. As a side effect, the Mercator map inflates the size of objects away from the equator. This… Read More


Top Trends (in Print) for 2021

In a Zoom webinar earlier this week, Sabine Lunz, the paper and printing guru behind PaperSpecs—an innovative resource for creatives who love the tactile experience provided by paper and print—unveiled their top seven design trends in print for 2021. Below is a synopsis of each trend so, you too, can think about incorporating any one… Read More


Modifying Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, is synonymous with grand, over-the-top celebrations including huge, tightly-packed crowds, delicious foods, lots of free-flowing alcohol, and endless parades of gorgeous, creative floats and joyous marching bands. Unfortunately, not this year. COVID-19 continues to limit our ability to celebrate as we previously have and all parades in New Orleans… Read More


Give a Little Love

John Lewis & Partners is a brand of high-end department stores operating throughout Great Britain. Each holiday season since 2007, folks in the UK have eagerly anticipated the store’s Christmas “advert” for the year. For many, it signals the start of the holiday shopping season and the build-up to Christmas. London-based agency Adam & Eve/DDB… Read More


Hold Still

In May of this VERY long year, England’s National Portrait Gallery along with the gallery’s patron, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (who has a degree in art history and is a very talented photographer herself), launched an ambitious community project, called HOLD STILL, to collect photographs of the United Kingdom under lockdown. The Gallery and… Read More


Forever ORANGE™

Back in April of this year (I know… April feels like 25 years ago, thanks Coronavirus), I was contacted about a blog post I wrote FOUR years ago. Megan Nadolski, chief operating officer at Goat Rodeo, a creative audio agency in Washington, D.C., had stumbled upon my story about Syracuse University’s identity crisis while doing… Read More


Rebrand The Rebels

I grew up in a bucolic, classic New England, suburban town 13 miles outside of Boston. It was predominantly white and Catholic. Its claims to fame: a maximum-security prison that housed the Boston Strangler among others, its proximity to the home of the New England Patriots (aka Foxboro Stadium/Sullivan Stadium/Gillette Stadium), the place where numerous… Read More