Iris is new in town.


Iris lives on green tea lattes and video game music—all fueling her passion for drawing and design. A fine artist, Iris has an impressive portfolio of etchings and watercolors. She also boasts an adorable collection of packaging and clothing tags. When she’s not immersed in her client projects at Taylor, she can be found shopping for black outfits until the wee hours. In fact, her stamina for all-nighters is rivaled only by her love of sleeping, which makes her a true consciousness shapeshifter.

Before Taylor: Iris was a Taylor Design intern in 2016, while also studying/winning awards at Hartford Art School and designing for the nonprofit Minority Inclusion Project.

Recommended digital field trips: Art of the Title, Twitter

Recommended IRL field trips: Scenic tour along the Pacific Ocean from Taipei to Taitung, Taiwan

Taylor Design Blog


Minimalist Movie Posters

Dutch graphic designer Chungkong has been designing minimalist movie posters for every movie he’s watched for the last several years. He now has a collection of over 1,200 posters. Each poster highlights a key or iconic moment in the film that makes all the posters easily recognizable. How many of these movies have you seen?… Read More


Parasite: Best Picture Book

Grand Central Publishing is compiling Director Bong Joon Ho’s original sketches and storyboards for the Academy Award-winning movie Parasite to form a 304-page graphic novel. The book showcases his unusual process and the extensive planning that went into filming Parasite. The graphic novel will also have early concept drawings and photos from the set, which… Read More


An Eye Cat-ching New Font

Cat food subscription service Smalls has revealed their new custom brand typeface— Adieu Smalls—to go along with their cat zine, Cat Talk. Using Adieu as a base, the custom typeface takes inspiration from the way cats express emotions with their tails, with the ascenders and descenders curling inwards and outwards to highlight that playfulness. Adieu… Read More


Coca-Cola Takes on Recycling

With the weather getting warmer and summer in now full swing, nothing beats a cold, refreshing can of Coca-Cola. Their latest European advertising campaign playfully encourages people to recycle their empty bottles and cans. This new campaign was first seen at a festival in Bulgaria and saw an 85% rate of correct Coca-Cola can recycling.… Read More


Iris’ Instagram Selects

Not a lot of my time is spent looking at Instagram, but for the few minutes that I’m on (aside from catching up with friends and liking their vacation photos) there are a few art-related accounts I always look out for. Jeannie Hoang As a botanical artist and floral designer, the photos of her floral… Read More


Watch Your Tone

While finishing school at the University of Technology in Sydney, Wilson Leung found that representation of Asians in graphic design has been reduced and packaged into mimicry fonts that superficially imitate the look of Asian characters. Leung says, “I wanted to call attention to a particular problem in the design world that produced these impoverished… Read More


Sharing Positive News

Google has recently released an animated video promoting their new Google Assistant feature. Users can now say, “tell me something good,” and Assistant will search and find uplifting news stories that are focused on the positive changes happening out in the world, rather than spiraling downwards on how everything is awful. The goal of this… Read More


A Glance into Intimate Moments of Quiet Contemplation

American artist Molly Bounds has released a new body of work depicting silent, secret moments of quiet contemplation. Bounds has captured these fleeting moments in soft, cool palettes, accompanied with smooth brushstrokes to evoke a sense of calm and moments of serenity. In an interview with “It’s Nice That,” Bounds speaks of her roots as… Read More


Google Fonts Making Web Fonts Accessible All Over the World

Google Fonts is working to expand its font library with the launch of a mini-site to promote their first collection of Korean web fonts. The library currently ranges from clean, sans serif-like to organic handwritten fonts. The stand-out element to this new non-Latin collection is the seamlessness in which the fonts are loaded onto the… Read More