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Expanding Models for Annual Reports

The traditional 64-page, full color printed Annual Report stands at an interesting junction. On one hand, the Annual Report is an excellent device to inform company shareholders of their intelligent investment. On the other, it often takes more than 64 glossy pages to convince investors, institutional or individual, that their hard-earned dollars were put to… Read More


Thank You, Hillman

Hillman Curtis wrote the book on Flash web design, designed some of the earliest animated websites, and then left the technnology completely to focus on much larger corporate websites. For those of us who always feel one or two steps behind the ever-evolving web, Hillman managed to stay one or two steps ahead. When he… Read More


Dress Code Conundrum

What to wear, what to wear… Most professionals habitually ask themselves this deceivingly simple question each and every weekday morning. It’s a valid question, with a solution usually made infinitely easier by looking for helpful cues around the workplace; construction workers throw on jeans and work boots, accountants select between a black or blue suit,… Read More


Designing with Less, Part I: Paper

Did you know that fifty thousand trees are cut down to print the New York Times every day? Wait, that can’t be right. The fact is, I haven’t a clue how many trees it takes. I don’t even know where one would find that sort of information. For all I know, it could take just… Read More


The Devaluation of Stock

On Monday, March 2nd, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial average fell under 7,000 for the first time since 1997. NPR had assured me of this as I was packing up for the day. Since I rarely concern myself with the stock market, the numerically sound fact struck me as something that surely related to design,… Read More


The Booooom! + Adobe Remake Project = Not Appropriate

Adobe’s latest “Imagination Challenge” in the UK asks students to “remake” a famous work of art through photography. Apparently, the people at the blog Boooooom! thought it was such an original idea, they decided to hold the exact same competition. Originality, what’s that? Of course, there is nothing new about appropriation, as its use is… Read More