Laura is a woman on a mission.

Senior Account Director

A self-proclaimed fan of family, fun and food, Laura loves restaurants (especially The Homestead Inn) and spending time with her children. She also loves to play tennis, read novels, and watch the Mets. Though she has the name of a tomb-raiding fictional character, she's never seen the movie. Since joining Taylor in 2008, she's kept our staff and clients heroically in-the-know.

Before Taylor: Served as project manager and accounts director of Construction Consulting Group, Stamford, for 11 years, and as co-director of the Stamford Public Library's Visiting Books Program. Earned her MBA from the University of Connecticut and BA from the University of Rhode Island.

Recommended digital field trips: Waze

Favorite IRL field trips: Her honeymoon in Greece

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Un Hombre Cohete / A Rocket Man

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I came across a very impressive American. His name is Franklin Chang-Díaz. Originally from Costa Rica, Chang-Díaz became a physical engineer, physicist, and is a former NASA Astronaut (he was NASA’s first Hispanic astronaut). He is also the founder and current CEO of Ad Astra Rocket Company, a leading… Read More


Behind the Scenes

This weekend, while watching CBS This Morning, there was a segment devoted to “Rescuing Scenic Backdrops from Hollywood’s Golden Age.” It’s so interesting to learn where all the better known painted movie back-drops went, such as the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz, the water and mountains as seen from the terrace in… Read More


Thierry Mugler: Couturissime

My family and I recently had the privilege to travel to Montreal, Canada over the 4th of July holiday. Since it was extremely hot while we were there, we decided to visit the Montreal Museum of Art and enjoy an air conditioned venue instead of the oppressive heat and humidity outside. We were pleasantly surprised… Read More


Getting Back to Civics

In light of the fact that we recently had mid-term elections, I thought it would be timely to share a website that was created at the suggestion of the retired Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor. The website is: Her rationale for creating this website was because she felt that younger people weren’t turning out to… Read More


Jihan Zencirli’s balloon installation

I have had the distinct privilege of attending the New York City Ballet on a regular basis for the last 20 years due to my good friend, Cathy, having a subscription with wonderful seats in the second tier of the David Koch Theater. It has truly been one of the great pleasures of my life.… Read More


The Roycrofters

I am currently reading a very interesting book by Erik Larson called Dead Wake about the sinking of the Lusitania (a luxury passenger ship) by a German submarine during World War I. What’s so interesting about the book is that the author writes in the style of fiction, even though this is a true story… Read More


Capturing Characters

Regardless of who you voted for in the presidential election, there is a certain illustrator out there who is able to capture the essence of the person. His name is Robert Carley—from Darien, Connecticut—who has been sketching presidents for many years. A recent article in the Sunday Art & Style section of the Stamford Advocate… Read More


The Rise and Fall of Tower Records

Before there was Napster, iPods, iTunes, Pandora or other digital forms of music, there was Tower Records. During the recent blizzard, I had the opportunity to watch a documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records, produced by Colin Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks. Most of the documentary consisted of interviews with the… Read More


Trends for 2014

With 2014 starting, it’s always interesting to see what the predictions are for the New Year. Be sure to check out Time Magazine’s January 13th issue, which calls attention to all the new happenings. The articles are accompanied by very cool, icon-style illustrations for each trend sector. Some exciting new things to watch out for… Read More