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Ze Ze Lai

Some may not care too much for watercolor paintings, some may love them. I have always been a big fan. On Instagram, I stumbled upon a watercolor artist by the name of Ze Ze Lai. Her watercolor paintings are very realistic and absolutely stunning. She mostly paints animals, in particular birds, in dreamlike and mystical… Read More


The Little Known Bird Painter of Chickadee Valley

Recently I was introduced to the work of Rex Brasher (1869-1960), the little known bird painter, who as a boy vowed to paint every bird in North America. Brasher worked from life and painted birds in their natural habitats. Without any formal art training, Rex painted 3,000 individual birds which included males, females, and juveniles.… Read More


A Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s don’t see the world just from above — they also can see a whole range of light that humans can’t. Humans have three types of cones in their eyes that process color. These photoreceptors are sensitive to red, green, and blue (much like a digital screen). Birds, on the other hand, have more precise… Read More


The Top 100 Audubon Photographs of 2018

We recently analyzed The National Audubon Society’s website because we love the design—the way it organizes mountains of information in an intuitive way, and most of all, the clear dedication to the protection of birds and wildlife. The world of birds is so weird and beautiful. (I might’ve spent much more time learning about birds… Read More