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Webflow — UI for Code

Every year, I try to learn a new tool to add to my skill set and help bring my ideas to life. For the past year, that tool has been Webflow. It started around May of 2020 when I was building my first portfolio site to showcase my design work. I started by using Squarespace.… Read More


Flutterby Butterfly

After building out my HTML and CSS animated version of Cindy’s “Lunch and Learn” logo last week, I was inspired to take on some coding challenges on CodePen. CodePen is a social development environment where you can write code in the browser and see the results instantly. It is one of my favorite places to… Read More


Meet Elmoji

Most kids love Sesame Street and the all too famous character, Elmo. Allow me to introduce you to Elmoji, the tiny little Elmo robot that will teach your kids to code! That’s right! Coding at 3 years of age sounds promising to me. Debuted at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) conference this year, Elmoji… Read More