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Google Reimagines Its G Suite Apps

Since our team has been working remotely for the past six months, our company’s reliance on the Google family of products has become even more pronounced. I use Google Meet for video conferences with clients and team members at least five times a day. We place large files on Google Drive for distribution to partners.… Read More


Google Saves the Day with New Call Screening Feature

I recently upgraded to a new phone, the Google Pixel 3. The debut of the phone was earlier this month at a special Made By Google hardware event, and while the hardware was a decent upgrade (still rated as the best smartphone camera available), the coolest upgrades were made to the software. The Pixel 3… Read More


Noni Noni

Designed for his two year old daughter, Noni Noni is a sophisticated yet simple website where children can draw pictures and letters that are instantly converted to floating 3D art made up of kinetic and colorful spheres. Draw an oval, for example, and image options are offered to you, such as a hula hoop, a… Read More


Share Life’s Special Moments with Google Clips

On October 4th, Google held a hardware event where the new Google Pixel 2 phones were introduced. I realize I’m a little late to the party, but one piece of tech from the conference recently caught my eye. It’s called Google Clips and its main purpose is to help you capture those special moments in… Read More