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When Your Face Lands in the Public Domain

No one knows who took this picture of B.J. Novak, the actor best known for his role as Ryan Howard on “The Office,” But at some point, years ago, someone uploaded this photo to a website where it became part of the public domain. That usually means the image is free to use without permission,… Read More


Comic Relief: Part 2

A few months ago, I posted the first in a series of funny artist roundups. As I gather artists for Part 2, it does seem that the collective weight on our shoulders is slowly lifting. At this point, a majority of my friends and family have either signed up for or have received their first… Read More


Barbie’s on Instagram!

As a big Barbie fan, I was delighted to find that Miss Barbie has her very own Instagram account. Okay, I guess she isn’t really posting her own selfies, but the Barbie team at Mattel sure makes it feel like she is! Barbie looks to be on more adventures than the rest of us and… Read More


Instagram: The Camera

Growing at a rate of 5 million new users a week, Instagram is by far the most popular camera app in history. Is it the social aspect of sharing your photos that make the app so appealing? Unlikely, since facebook has had photo sharing and tagging capabilities ever since its first public unveiling. It’s got… Read More