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What Happens to Your Life’s Work Afterlife?

Mike Disfarmer (1884-1959), estranged from family members, was a loner who owned and operated a portrait studio in Herber Springs, Arkansas. For pocket change, locals would pose for a photograph to commemorate just about anything. Individuals and groups sat for formal or informal portraits—all of which had an honest, stark austerity about them—unlike portraiture of… Read More


Beautiful Decay

I have a fascination with abandoned places. I find them beautiful, and the tales of their glory and demise are fascinating and intriguing. While I have yet to see many of them first-hand, luckily there are plenty of intrepid travelers, photographers, and journalists to capture them for me to preview from home. At the top… Read More


Creativity for Social Change

Artists for Humanity (AFH) is a thriving non-profit for the creative, young, under-resourced teens of Boston to express and explore their creative abilities. AFH was established to address the lack of art experience within the Boston Public School system. Located in the heart of South Boston (aka Southie), AFH helps introduce young people from urban… Read More


Hold Still

In May of this VERY long year, England’s National Portrait Gallery along with the gallery’s patron, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (who has a degree in art history and is a very talented photographer herself), launched an ambitious community project, called HOLD STILL, to collect photographs of the United Kingdom under lockdown. The Gallery and… Read More


A Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s don’t see the world just from above — they also can see a whole range of light that humans can’t. Humans have three types of cones in their eyes that process color. These photoreceptors are sensitive to red, green, and blue (much like a digital screen). Birds, on the other hand, have more precise… Read More


The Top 100 Audubon Photographs of 2018

We recently analyzed The National Audubon Society’s website because we love the design—the way it organizes mountains of information in an intuitive way, and most of all, the clear dedication to the protection of birds and wildlife. The world of birds is so weird and beautiful. (I might’ve spent much more time learning about birds… Read More


Legendary Cinematographer FINALLY Wins Oscar after 14 Nominations

Roger Deakins finally won his first Academy Award on March 4 for his work on Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve. He is a legendary cinematographer; this was his 14th nomination. Deakins was quite humble for someone who at long last secured the much-deserved cinematic honor. “I really love my job,” he said in his… Read More


Cheer Up Luv

London-based photographer Eliza Hatch is using her camera lens to focus on fighting sexual harassment. Via an ongoing photojournalism project entitled Cheer Up Luv, Hatch documents women who have experienced sexual harassment on any scale in a public setting. The project came about after a conversation with her female friends about how often and how… Read More