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Cat Portraits Wakuneco

Like many people, I have numerous pets. I’ve had them my whole life. Most of my pets have been cats, and I still find myself dreaming about them from time to time, long after they have passed. I wake up wishing I could see their faces and give them a scratch once more. Pictures don’t… Read More


Hold Still

In May of this VERY long year, England’s National Portrait Gallery along with the gallery’s patron, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (who has a degree in art history and is a very talented photographer herself), launched an ambitious community project, called HOLD STILL, to collect photographs of the United Kingdom under lockdown. The Gallery and… Read More


Cheer Up Luv

London-based photographer Eliza Hatch is using her camera lens to focus on fighting sexual harassment. Via an ongoing photojournalism project entitled Cheer Up Luv, Hatch documents women who have experienced sexual harassment on any scale in a public setting. The project came about after a conversation with her female friends about how often and how… Read More