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A Type of Mesmerizing

The typography-based motion graphics of designer Kenny Brandenberger provides the viewer with a mesmerizing experience. His work has a way of bringing us in and keeping us there — even when we know we are watching the same loop over and over. Somehow the loops feel fresh even if continuous. How exactly he does this… Read More



I’ve recently took up a new hobby practicing calligraphy. I’ve spent countless hours perusing the Internet to find as many resources as I can to help with my progress. One of the things I found whilst following fellow calligraphers on Instagram was the desire to write each other personal notes, postcards and find pen pals… Read More


Two Types of Typefaces

What would an orchestra be without tuned instruments? A meal without quality ingredients? A building without sturdy bricks? A good composition is nothing without the fundamental elements that make it whole. Like anything that is built from individual parts, graphic design falls flat without great typography. While graphic designers are typically interested in putting pieces… Read More


Typeface Inspired Specs

Any designer worth his chops finds some level of appreciation for the subtleties of type. The balance of figure and ground, its curves or sharpness—a beautiful piece of type can be inspiring. This is evident in Type’s new Garamond and Helvetica inspired glasses. The Japanese based company lets you ‘see the world’ through these two… Read More