Cindy is a big fan of Paddington Bear.


There’s a full spectrum of design and Cindy follows it all, from surreal arthouse films to the pure sweetness of Paddington Bear. Her passions include Keanu Reeves and drawing round animals. If you want to try some bizarre foods, she’s in, having tried and survived everything she’s come across. Her all-time favorite trip was studying art and the environment in West Africa, where she would return in a heartbeat. And the latest beats in her playlist include a bit of everything. Join her on the Internet—her home-away-from-home—especially Instagram.

Before Taylor: Earning her BFA in Visual Communication Design and Illustration at the University of Hartford, creating on-air graphics for SportsCenter at ESPN, design intern at NBC

Recommended digital field trips: Menswear Dog, Pondlife

Favorite IRL field trips: What's so great about RL?

Taylor Design Blog


Taylor Design’s Stay-in Infographics

The pandemic and stay-home orders presented lots of new challenges to everyone—emotionally, socially, and logistically. Talking to my friends and family online, I was impressed how everyone was adapting to the new world in their own ways. I asked my colleagues at Taylor Design what they were doing with their newfound time and how they… Read More


A Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s don’t see the world just from above — they also can see a whole range of light that humans can’t. Humans have three types of cones in their eyes that process color. These photoreceptors are sensitive to red, green, and blue (much like a digital screen). Birds, on the other hand, have more precise… Read More


Carefully Cultivated Chrysanthemums

Last weekend, I visited the New York Botanical Gardens to see their special chrysanthemum display: Kiku. Kiku (chrysanthemum in Japanese) has a centuries-long history and cultural significance in Japan. Symbolic of longevity and rejuvenation, it is used as The Imperial Seal of Japan as well as over a hundred different Japanese seals for royal family… Read More


Design Day Trips in Connecticut

Connecticut is known to many as a retreat from the city with cute seaports and classic New England flair, but few know that it’s a design destination, too. We’re partway through summer; have you visited these spots yet? The Glass House Located in New Canaan, this 1,800 square foot modernist glass box was built by… Read More


Space Invasion in Stamford Downtown

Each year Stamford Downtown hosts a distinguished outdoor sculpture exhibit designed to attract both local and regional audiences. This year’s theme is “Space Invasion,” and all summer, UFOs and rockets will line the sidewalks and parks of the city. Steve and Cindy’s concept was selected from over 100 entries, and they are happy to present:… Read More


TDmojis are Here!

When I was little (and now, to be honest), I loved playing with paper dolls and video games with customizable avatars. I’d spend more time perfecting each outfit, hairstyle and micro-expression of my character than playing the actual game. After seeing Steph’s last post in which she built color palettes to represent each member of… Read More


Note to Self

Japanese design firm Kenma is expanding their wemo (wearable memo) brand to mobile devices and computers. Sure, if you’re like me, you can just put your to-do list in your Notes app. But if you’re also like me, you’ll forget to open the Notes app and never look at it again. The appeal of the Wearable Memo is that it’s… Read More


The Top 100 Audubon Photographs of 2018

We recently analyzed The National Audubon Society’s website because we love the design—the way it organizes mountains of information in an intuitive way, and most of all, the clear dedication to the protection of birds and wildlife. The world of birds is so weird and beautiful. (I might’ve spent much more time learning about birds… Read More


Adidas and ManU Create Kit From Ocean Plastic

To highlight the issue of marine pollution, Adidas has collaborated with the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans to create a kit for the Manchester United Football Club from recycled ocean plastic. “We all need to change the way we think and act towards our oceans. It is this core belief that we all share… Read More