Nora loves winter.

New Business Development / HR Director

If Nora isn’t in the office, she's probably outdoors. In the summer, she's gardening at home. In the winter, she spends her time-off mogul skiing in Vermont. She joined Taylor in 1996, helping to build Taylor from a 3-person studio with five clients to the successful multidisciplinary agency it is today.

Before Taylor: Nine years as graphic design director at Goldsmith/Jeffrey Advertising in New York City, working with clients such as El Al Airlines, J. P. Morgan and NYNEX. Two years with Tobias Design and two years with Chiat/Day, both in NYC. Graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, and began her career as a junior designer at Beckman Associates in her hometown of Albany, New York.

Recommended digital field trips: Facebook, Pinterest, online shopping at Sierra Trading Post and REI

Favorite IRL field trips: The beaches of Rhode Island to watch her two sons fish. Or any place with snow.

Taylor Design Blog


Just Enough

Sister City, a new hotel in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, has created a different standard for the hospitality industry called “compassionate hospitality.” Situated in Manhattan’s Bowery—a neighborhood which historically had been viewed as anything but compassionate—Sister City is beautifully modern, thoughtfully efficient, and affordable (by Manhattan standards). Atelier Ace, Sister City’s designers/developers, seemed to have… Read More


Flower Flash

A tasteful flower arrangement can make any social gathering special, including an NYC subway platform, a street corner, or an obsolete telephone booth. Lewis Miller, an NYC- based floral designer, has adorned numerous mundane Manhattan locations as his gift to New Yorkers. On his website, Lewis Miller Design, Miller explains how “Flower Flash” came to… Read More


Bye-bye and Hello

As a Mariachi band played, the workers at a Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico waved bye-bye to the last Beetle as it rolled off the production line. Originally designed in the 1930s by Ferdinand Porsche, the Beetle or “Bug” went into mass production in 1938. Since then, over 23 million Beetles have been driven globally.… Read More


Painting by the Numbers

Postwar Americans were teased with phrases like: “Every man a Rembrandt” or “Paint a beautiful picture the first time you try.” This was in the 1950s, and Americans were welcoming the new concepts of leisure time and disposable income. Dan Robbins, a package designer with a Detroit paint company, was tasked by his boss to… Read More


Need a Jolt?

Millions of people all around the world are sleepy. I wake up drowsy and—like the millions of drowsy people around the world—if I can’t get just 10 more minutes of sleep, coffee is the perfect antidote. Craving a dose of a stimulant like coffee gets me past the overwhelming urge to take a nap. Global… Read More


La Fuerza de las Palabras

Translation: “The Strength of Words” in Spanish. This purposeful phrase has motivated Jose Alberto Gutierrez for the past 20 years. Gutierrez is a bibliophile and a municipal trash collector. His personal interest and career may be considered an unlikely combination, intersecting while on-the-job with a discarded copy of Anna Karenina. Since the day Gutierrez rescued… Read More


A Great Day in Harlem

In 1958, Esquire magazine’s art director Robert Benton (the Oscar winning film maker) was tasked with the layout of a special issue on jazz. One month on the job, Benton was prepared to put his job on the line and commissioned photographer Art Kane to provide the images for the special issue. Benton was under… Read More


An Eternal Road Trip

In 2003, Dave Isay launched StoryCorps, an oral history project, with a StoryBooth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. In the StoryBooth, with the assistance of a facilitator, anyone (or multiple people) were allowed to share their story. In just one hour, a personal documentary was created. The participant(s) walked away with a recording of their… Read More


Need a Counter Narrative?

I sure do, and this morning I heard it. Journalist Matt Katz reports for WNYC primarily about immigration, refugees and national security, but this morning, he reported on air about food. He introduced his report with “This is not a story about the politics of immigration. This is not a story about walls or detained… Read More