Nora loves winter.

New Business Development / HR Director

If Nora isn’t in the office, she's probably outdoors. In the summer, she's gardening at home. In the winter, she spends her time-off mogul skiing in Vermont. She joined Taylor in 1996, helping to build Taylor from a 3-person studio with five clients to the successful multidisciplinary agency it is today.

Before Taylor: Nine years as graphic design director at Goldsmith/Jeffrey Advertising in New York City, working with clients such as El Al Airlines, J. P. Morgan and NYNEX. Two years with Tobias Design and two years with Chiat/Day, both in NYC. Graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, and began her career as a junior designer at Beckman Associates in her hometown of Albany, New York.

Recommended digital field trips: Facebook, Pinterest, online shopping at Sierra Trading Post and REI

Favorite IRL field trips: The beaches of Rhode Island to watch her two sons fish. Or any place with snow.

Taylor Design Blog


What is Pareidolia?

If you see faces in these two objects, you are experiencing pareidolia. By definition, pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. Last November, in this blog, I shared my pandemic pastime of picking up scrap metal while riding my bike back and forth to… Read More


The Little Known Bird Painter of Chickadee Valley

Recently I was introduced to the work of Rex Brasher (1869-1960), the little known bird painter, who as a boy vowed to paint every bird in North America. Brasher worked from life and painted birds in their natural habitats. Without any formal art training, Rex painted 3,000 individual birds which included males, females, and juveniles.… Read More


Everyone’s a Critic

Yelp reviewers are notoriously harsh in their reviews of anything, any service, or any place. The service industry is terrified of receiving a bad review posted on Yelp which could drive their business into the ground. Surely no one would expect Yelp reviewers to verbally trash our national parks. Well, they did and illustrator/designer Amber… Read More


Knitters Will Knit

There is little doubt that this pandemic has affected all of us in some way, shape, or form. Many of us have been profoundly affected by various types of insecurities and loss. Isolation has exacerbated our reliance on the Internet for entertainment and made “doomscrolling” a popular new pastime. Fortunately, in contrast, many of us… Read More


All Was Forgiven

Was it easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission? Sculptor Arturo Di Modica must have thought so as he and 40 friends loaded a 3.5-ton bronze bull into a truck and drove to Wall Street. Under the cover of darkness—and without permission—the crew deposited Charging Bull outside of the New York Stock Exchange. The… Read More


A Brighter New Year?

The first weekend of 2021 revealed a rare sight along the Potomac River just outside of Washington, DC. A male Painted Bunting—native to Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Central and South America—was spotted on a rainy dreary day in a Maryland park. Once the word was out among birdwatchers, hundreds of enthusiasts ventured out to witness… Read More


Pandemic Pastimes

2020 sure has been stressful, and, like most people, I’ve sought out pastimes to serve as a distraction from the day-to-day mayhem. Some of my chosen pastimes have been typical — like running, biking, and gardening. Gardening has always been one of my favorite distractions, however this year, getting dirt under my nails and watching… Read More


Dressing the Part

Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel dressed the part as he put the final touches on the Faro lighthouse in the Cantabria region of Spain. Initially, he was recognized locally for his street art, however, this former Spanish graffiti artist is now recognized internationally as a “pop surrealist.” His use of vibrant geometric patterns has defined… Read More


A Checkered Present

Elblag, Poland is experiencing a local drought. In reaction to imposed water restrictions, the city’s contemporary art museum allowed its public green space to overgrow. By forgoing their mowing regimen, long grass overtook their public green space and, as an unintended benefit, wildflowers seeded themselves amid the grass and the space became an example of… Read More