Chris loves his pug and Yankee candles.

Senior Front-end Developer

Chris isn’t exactly addicted to video games, but he does like them—a lot. With his Pug, Henry, by his side, most weekends are spent in Virtual Reality or playing the latest Blizzard Entertainment title. At work, with headphones in place, he works to the music of Animal Crossing and the shenanigans of The Attack podcast. That’s how he’s created outstanding interactive tools and e-communications for brands like MasterCard and Keep America Beautiful.

On the side: Chris runs a Pug-themed online shop with his wife called the Pumpernickel Pug.

Before Taylor: Chris graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Interactive Digital Design before doing web design and development in Watertown for a number of years.

Recommended digital field trips: Reddit.comHis Pug’s Facebook Page

Recommended IRL field trips: A trip to a Butler Café in Japan

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World’s Whitest Paint Could Help Cool the Planet

You’ve probably heard of the world’s blackest paint, Vantablack, before. It’s so black that shapes covered in it are not discernable by the human eye. I didn’t even think that the opposite—the world’s “whitest” paint—would be a thing until I saw this article on my Reddit feed. Academic researchers have invented a white paint that… Read More


Structural Battery Breakthrough

Chalmers University researchers have created a really useful battery. Called a “structural battery,” these types of batteries are so unique because they are able to be used in the core construction of structures and vehicles and are able to support the weight. Why is this cool and unique? Current batteries used in cars, for instance,… Read More

By and Climate Change

You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum—the all-digital currency that isn’t centrally tracked by a bank. It has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years or so, but this post is not about that. It’s about the underlying technology—the “blockchain”—that is used to keep track of all bitcoin transactions, and also used… Read More


Wikipedia is 20 Years Old!

I remember when I was in elementary school and we would all research our science, history, and book reports using the CD-ROM encyclopedia software, Encarta. If you don’t know what Encarta is, I don’t blame you. It was short-lived because the internet took over just after its creation. Moving on to middle school and high… Read More


You Can Soon Buy Your Own Private Security Drone

The company Ring announced a really cool new product called Always Home Cam. For those who don’t know, Ring has produced a variety of home camera products such as their popular Ring Video Doorbell, all targeted as safety products. Their products connect to your home wifi and allow you to look through any of the… Read More


Mario Kart in Real Life

Nintendo just made a very cool announcement on its latest Nintendo Direct. It’s currently the 35th anniversary of the original Super Mario Brothers game and Nintendo is rolling out the red carpet for our favorite plumber. One of the coolest announcements was for a “toy to life” video game for the popular Mario Kart franchise.… Read More


Continental Drift and You

I found this really interesting interactive map designed by paleontologist Ian Webster while perusing the internet. It shows you where a selected location was at any point in time, all the way back to 750 million years ago. Why is this cool? The continents are constantly drifting around over time, so you can track where… Read More