Chris loves his pug and Yankee candles.

Senior Front-end Developer

Chris isn’t exactly addicted to video games, but he does like them—a lot. With his Pug, Henry, by his side, most weekends are spent in Virtual Reality or playing the latest Blizzard Entertainment title. At work, with headphones in place, he works to the music of Animal Crossing and the shenanigans of The Attack podcast. That’s how he’s created outstanding interactive tools and e-communications for brands like MasterCard and Keep America Beautiful.

On the side: Chris runs a Pug-themed online shop with his wife called the Pumpernickel Pug.

Before Taylor: Chris graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Interactive Digital Design before doing web design and development in Watertown for a number of years.

Recommended digital field trips: Reddit.comHis Pug’s Facebook Page

Recommended IRL field trips: A trip to a Butler Café in Japan

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