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The Joy of Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

My wife and I recently got back from our third trip to Japan. Each time we go, we are surprised at something new and unique that we find. This time, that new thing was sweet, delicious soufflé pancakes. If you haven’t heard of these types of pancakes, they are made by folding in fluffy, peaked… Read More


A New Way to Take Polaroids is Here

Everyone loves a good old fashioned Polaroid photo, but nobody wants to carry around a camera aside from their cell phone these days. You probably have hundreds or thousands of photos saved on your phone, but how often do you actually pull them out to look at them? Pretty much never is my guess. If… Read More


The “Darkest Building on Earth” at the 2018 Winter Olympics

British architect, Asif Khan, unveiled an art installation at the South Korea 2018 Winter Olympics called the PyeongChang Winter Olympics pavilion. The structure is coated in a substance called Vantablack VBx2, which is a “light-absorbing pigmented coating” that seems to “suck” all light into it like the void of a black hole. As a result,… Read More