Chris loves his pug and Yankee candles.

Senior Front-end Developer

Chris isn’t exactly addicted to video games, but he does like them—a lot. With his Pug, Henry, by his side, most weekends are spent in Virtual Reality or playing the latest Blizzard Entertainment title. At work, with headphones in place, he works to the music of Animal Crossing and the shenanigans of The Attack podcast. That’s how he’s created outstanding interactive tools and e-communications for brands like MasterCard and Keep America Beautiful.

Before Taylor: Chris graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Interactive Digital Design before doing web design and development in Watertown for a number of years.

Recommended digital field trips: Reddit.comHis Pug’s Facebook Page

Recommended IRL field trips: A trip to a Butler Café in Japan

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Say Hello to Masahiko Senda, Cardboard Master

I’m guessing you probably throw away or (hopefully) recycle your cardboard. Instead of getting rid of it, why not use it to make breath-taking works of art? That’s what cardboard artist, Masahiko Senda does. He creates magnificent sculptures and figures out of simple paper cardboard. One of his latest projects was a scale model of… Read More


The Tesla Model 3 is Here

On the evening of March 31st, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, took to the stage one more time to reveal his company’s latest futuristic marvel. It was the long awaited Tesla Model 3. An electric car that is supposed to bring the technology to the masses due to its low price and high… Read More


Wintergatan – Musical Marble Machine

I’m sure just about everyone has played with marbles at some point in their lives. Musical artist Martin Molin has gone quite a few steps further by creating an amazing machine that produces music using nothing but crank propelled marbles (ball bearings if we are being technical). The machine was constructed by Martin, and the song the machine… Read More


Starbucks Rewards Fail

As a frequent Starbucks customer (and a Gold Level Rewards Member, I’ll have you know) I was very surprised to receive an email from the company outlining a new rewards program. I was surprised because the previous one has been really good (at least for me). In case you aren’t familiar with the current reward… Read More


Getting the Right Balance: Pebble Time Round Smartwatch Review

In previous years, many companies have started producing what is now known as a smartwatch. One of the very first to enter the market was the original Pebble smartwatch. It was an e-ink display smartwatch that enabled people to interact with their phone through things like notifications, phone calls and text messages. Many other companies… Read More


Building My First PhoneGap App

Continuing your education as a developer is very important if you want to maintain your desirability in the job market, as well as your value to your company. At Taylor Design, we are encouraged to take on new challenges and learn new things to benefit us personally, as well as Taylor Design itself, so I… Read More


Artists of Korea Bring Life to These Hot Toys

When you browse the toy aisles in Target or Wal-Mart these days, you see many action figures in varying degrees of detail. However, most of the time, the details are very lacking. That lumpy blob of plastic is supposed to be Iron Man? For over 15 years, one toy company has been producing some of… Read More


The Next Dimension of Horror Lies Within Virtual Reality

One of my favorite genres of movies, books, TV shows and video games is the horror genre. I love the feeling of dread watching creepy and spooky things happening to the protagonists until the point where you can’t stand it anymore and a ghost pops out making you jump. Well, that feeling is about to… Read More