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Augment Your Reality in Google Maps

Google When I go on vacation to a new city, I always pull out my phone and fire up Google Maps for walking directions when I’m wandering the city blocks to find a specific restaurant, shop, museum, or landmark. At Google’s I/O 2019 conference, they unveiled a brand new walking directions feature that makes it… Read More


SnowWhite Ice Cream Maker

Recently at SXSW 2019, the tech company, LG, unveiled a prototype gadget that is best described as a “Keurig for ice cream.” The device runs on flavor pods that, when added to the machine, allow it to create some icy frozen treats. The machine can create more than just regular ice cream. There were pods… Read More


Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phone

Samsung has unveiled a smartphone that you can fold in half called the Galaxy Fold. No, it’s not a flip phone like the old Motorola RAZR. It’s a fully functional smart phone that can fold its screen in half like a book. That may sound crazy, or like some form of wizardry from Harry Potter,… Read More