Hannah W will break out into song at any moment.

Front-end Web Developer

Hannah can’t get enough of coding, except when she’s cooing over her adorable Shih Tzu, Ella or making delicious dishes and DIY-crafts. A Briton who came to the U.S. in 2013, she’s already seen many miles of her adopted country, thanks to a five-week, cross-country road trip. Her experience includes developing responsive and e-commerce websites (on the Umbraco and WordPress CMS platforms), social media and email campaigns, as well as SEO and cross-platform testing. She joined Taylor in April 2014 to expand our active in-house digital capabilities.

Before Taylor: Worked as a front-end developer at ADC Marketing Group and a developer at Medialink, both in Liverpool, UK. Graduated Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, UK, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors in Internet Computing. Her areas of study included: programming, software development, virtual worlds, forensic computing and network security.

Recommended digital field trips: InstagramMashable, CodePen, Codrops

Favorite IRL field trips: California, Portugal

Taylor Design Blog


Flutterby Butterfly

After building out my HTML and CSS animated version of Cindy’s “Lunch and Learn” logo last week, I was inspired to take on some coding challenges on CodePen. CodePen is a social development environment where you can write code in the browser and see the results instantly. It is one of my favorite places to… Read More



This year, we introduced “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Taylor Design where we invite various professionals every few weeks to give our team a presentation on their talents so we can learn a thing or two. Our last one featured yours truly, and my dev partner in crime, Chris Yerkes. Chris covered everything you need… Read More


Houston, We Have a Problem

As we celebrate 50 years since Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the moon, we also hear about the terrifying experience that was trusting the first computer led spaceflight to land them safely. As a programmer, we often deal with emergencies, but nothing quite like this. We’ve come a long way since the refrigerator-sized… Read More


Beauty is in the TINY Details

They may be small, but they sure aren’t lacking in detail. These tiny 3D models, of some of the most popular TV shows out there, are spectacular. From the 60’s floor plan of Mad Men to the crazy Dunder Mifflin offices, they all feature little iconic details from various seasons of the shows.



I’ve recently took up a new hobby practicing calligraphy. I’ve spent countless hours perusing the Internet to find as many resources as I can to help with my progress. One of the things I found whilst following fellow calligraphers on Instagram was the desire to write each other personal notes, postcards and find pen pals… Read More


And He’s Off!

There’s another robot in town! This one is called Handle and he can do some pretty awesome things! Think of a horse with skates on. This guy can roll down steps with ease, jump over any obstacles it faces and do some pretty impressive blading to rival Chris Haffey. He is the latest robot to… Read More


Spy Pup

We all know that watching Nat Geo WILD is captivating. The sheer fascination of watching animals in their natural habitat is enough to leave you gobsmacked. However, there is a new guy in town that will likely change everything. Meet Spy Pup, the robot spy dog that is built so life-like that its fellow furry… Read More


Meet Elmoji

Most kids love Sesame Street and the all too famous character, Elmo. Allow me to introduce you to Elmoji, the tiny little Elmo robot that will teach your kids to code! That’s right! Coding at 3 years of age sounds promising to me. Debuted at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) conference this year, Elmoji… Read More